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Funk Drummer gets Live Pads and Ableton Link

Funk Drummer has been updated with new features which make it the dreamed pocket groove drummer. Besides the song mode for the fixed structures, you can make your own live sessions with the live pads and midi controls. And syncs perfect  with the amazing Ableton Link. More possibilities to groove on the go!

– Live Pads
– Ableton Live Sync
– Improved Jam
– Removed fresh graphics
– Tons of little improvements

– Tip: Follow the button in the app to get an extra Sound Set

Funk Drummer available, new groovy app for iOS

We have been working hard to develop this new creature. Funk drummer brings new possibilities and lot of creativity to a new level.

Starting with the sound, because implements tons of amazing samples with Round Robin. Three layers of round robin samples provide the most natural sound never seen in iOS before. With the new effects you can adjust the sound to your personal taste. Reverb, EQ, Delay and Compressor/Gate.
The best jam tool improvise like a human drummer, enhanced and adapted to funk drumming. And you can mix-up with other applications with Audiobus, Inter-App or the new Midi Sync by The Spectacular Sync Engine.
Pure Funk groove.

iOS Simulator Screen Shot 16.10.2015 15.22.43