What´s Lumbeat?

Lumbeat specializes in developing innovative musical apps for iOS, catering to professional musicians, music teachers, students, and hobbyists.

Our apps feature advanced virtual simulations of drummers and percussion ensembles, capturing a wide range of genres. From the groovy beats of funk, the complex rhythms of jazz, and the distinctive, flexible swing of Hip Hop J Dilla style to the intricate patterns of Indian Hindustani rhythms or the vibrant energy of Afro-Cuban beats.

Key features include Live Pads for real-time sessions and Song Mode for efficient composition. Additionally, our apps offer comprehensive audio and MIDI export options, ensuring a seamless creative workflow.

Lumbeat apps combine advanced technology with musical artistry, offering features that enhance the quality and precision of the musical experience. They provide creative freedom through a range of functionalities tailored to the needs of any musician.

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