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Available for iPhone and iPad on the App Store
Ready for Audiobus and Inter-app. Syncing perfect with Ableton Link
Live Pads - Song Mode


Jazz Drummer

Easy Swing and Be Bop Drums

Jazz Drums for iPad and iPhone with new approach to improvisation and swing pulse.

Three drummers in one. Jo, Max and Roy : Swing, Be Bop and Modern Bop drums. Regardless of the selected rhythm, the choice of drummer will affect all improvisations, jams and fills style.

New 2d Slider to control jam level ( x - horizontal ) and intensity ( y - vertical )

Save Mixer and Effects for each Sound Bank.

Export to MIDI File and Audio Full / Multi-Track-

Adds a new Jazz bank to iBassist with lot of bass lines and chord progressions.

iBassist is available on the App Store

Random Review by theOtherWB
More speechless w/ every new creation!!
These drums are breathtaking in quality. I’ve had some world class drummers flip out over the tracks I come up with; solely using lumbeat drum apps. Buy them all! If you want real drum tracks these are untouchable. And these apps won’t try and steal your girlfriend!!! I’ve been waiting for years for this app. It’s surpassed all hope in ease versatility groove and sounds. The sounds are world class on their own merit. Thank you yet again for a beautifully human machine. I could only give five stars ... or it’d be many more. Amazing ! God bless.



The Bass Player for iPad

iBassist turns your iPad into a versatile bass player to jam or compose anywhere and create grooves for installed drum apps, so the jam enters a new level.
Additionally, it sends progression chords by MIDI, so you can have any synth/piano on the background and a proper band jamming instantly.

Bass lines are based in degrees, so you can apply any chord progression to any bass line.
A valuable tool to apply different bass grooves to your songs.
The jam tool brings musical variations and new ideas on the way.

iBassist Manual

iBassist is available on the App Store

Random Review by spacegeneticsmusic
Impressive, and fun!
Really fun app and the tie in to his equally cool drum apps is really slick. Nice work! Will be fun to play around with this!

Reggae Drummer

Reggae Drummer

Drums for Reggae, Ska, Dub, Backbeat, Fusion

Reggae Drummer brings warm Jamaican rhythms to your iPad and iPhone, with lot of new features.
Three drummers in one. Barret, Sly and Stewart. Modern, Classic and Contemporary reggae drums. Choose the drumming style that fits best in your music and change between them to get inspired.
Individual Delay and Reverb Send effects creates warm reggae and dub environments, also with jam feature for effects.
In Addition, brings a new Reggae bank to iBassist with more than 60 bass lines.


Reggae Drummer is available on the App Store

Random Review by Phuture98
Highly recommended!
I’m an experienced producer and I’ve used just about all of drum software out there. This program is fantastic! I wish there was the ability to trigger the individual sounds by pads. I hope they continue to add kits and support this amazing app.

Mid East Drummer

Mid East Drummer

Beats from the Middle East

A complete Middle Eastern percussion ensemble in your hands including more than 300 Rhythms from Egypt, Morocco, Iran, Persia, Iran, Turkey, Greece... with meticulously treated sounds creating the most realistic percussion world.
Middle East grooves are the one greatest rhythmic richness, with a large number of different measures. From the common 4 / 4 time to the most interesting and exotic asymmetrical rhythms, like 7/8, 5/8, 15 / 16, 11/ 16 ...
- More than 300 editable grooves easy searchable by measure.
- Multilayered sounds with Round Robin samples.
- Live Pads
- Song Mode
- Midi In / Out

Bendir, Darbuka, Riq, Dahola, Davul, Tar, Tarija
Erbeni, Doumbek, Riqq, Mazhar, Tupan, Goblet Drum, Dumbelek

Mid East Drummer is available on the App Store

Random Review by B-dub1111
The best drum apps ever created
After purchasing Reggae Drummer, my favorite drum app of all time, I have since purchased every other app by Lumbeat. I now use these apps in almost every song I produce with amazing results. It does take a little processing in Ableton Live to fix a slight timing issue (for example a 74 bpm tempo is recorded as 73.97 bpm, Ableton fixes this issue easily) but other than that they are highly useable. All the Lumbeat apps although similar, are also very unique. Drums are the foundation of any song and these apps provide a solid foundation for anybody looking to create music on iOS. These apps are customizable and complex, yet easy to use. I look forward to to all future releases and updates. Keep up the great work!

Future Drummer

Future Drummer

Electronic and futuristic beats instantly. Loads of editable grooves and multilayer sounds. The LumBeat jamming algorithm improved and adapted for electronic music.

Minimal, House, Electro, Hip Hop, Industrial, Electro Latino, EDM

- Midi Out sends all note grooves and jamming at real time, so you can record the sequence or apply external sounds.
- The new Live mode involves you in the grooves like never before with loads of controls with effects, hits, reverses, slices and groove controls at real time
- Reverse or Slice individual hits with the easy editor.
- Live Pads to assign rhythms, jam intensity and colors to play live session. Selectable by Midi with Notes or Program Change.
- Song Mode is the fastest and effective way to create the structure for your songs with the best quality.
- Integrated Effects: Compressor, Delay, Reverb and EQ for main Mix. 2 Extra Send delays for Live mode
- More than 100 Multilayer sounds
- More than 300 editable grooves easy searchable by tags. Don't need to program but you can make your own grooves, no limits.

Future Drummer is available on the App Store

Random Review by armyofdecay
Future Drummer is awesome
I got rock drummer and ibassist. they were so great i bought soft drummer. that was so amazing i bought future drummer. its very helpful to have the apps and banks of sounds in separate apps.

Soft Drummer

Soft Drummer

The subtle drummer
Soft drummer brings the most pure acoustic drum sounds played with brushes, hot rods and hands combined with advanced AI algorithms giving the warmest grooves and variations for jazz, soft pop, ballads, latin ...
Warmth and subtlety like never before.

Soft Drummer is available on the App Store

Random Review by Enrique Raphaël Page Pérez
Initial impressions about interapp and audiobus were wrong... great app.
Enough has been said about the quality of this and the other drumming apps from this dev in general. I’m very against non AUV3 music apps at this point, which is why I can’t say I’m fully satisfied with this app. Hopefully in the future that will change and we will see updates to all of these drummers, since they all seem to run with the same code anyway, it shouldn’t be a bad investment to bring them to AUV3. That being said my initial impressions were tainted by a really bad experience of it not hooking up to AUM or AudioBus as interapp. Interapp is so broken that obviously this wasn’t the Dev’s fault and little over a week after, when I tried it again, it worked as expected. I cannot blame the dev for this although I initially did (sorry), but I guess it is simply just ANOTHER reason to move past the outdated protocol and get into AUv3s. Many of your customers would probably tremendously appreciate it. I know I would, to the point of buying the other ones which I haven’t done so yet. At the moment and this is a very personal thing as it’s workflow related, this app to me is mostly a bank of fantastic drumming sounds. The drummers are really good, but I’ve spent over a year coming up with my own AUV3 tricks to do the same so it’s not something I miss much and since I mostly do AUV3 stuff, it’s always a bit cumbersome to have an interapp whatever on the way. Because of this, I’ve spent hours sampling the kits I like most and use them with a Drambo drum machine I’ve created. Although I’m sure the other kits from their other apps are great too, I doubt there is much value to gain in repeating the same process over and over as it would take weeks to sample all of the beautiful sounds. I’d love to have them, but I already have done this process for DM1, BarbaXDrums... and some other drummer apps. It’s a tedious process and I don’t know how much more I can go sampling drumming apps for days. If the apps were AUV3 I probably wouldn’t even need to sample them, I’d just load the AU and use either a step sequencer for midi or the app’s internal sequencer midi itself. Plus, this way I get multi-out from Drambo and can record each part of the drum independently, a huge plus. Regardless, if this whole AUV3 aspect is irrelevant to you... then it suffices to say it is a gorgeous sound the one you will get from these samples. Definitely worth the cost. Although it is high and it might make you doubt about it beforehand, you probably won’t regret it. I definitely would like to get the other kits from this dev but at the price they stand I cannot justify them until (hopefully)they become AUV3. I’d like to use the “drummer AI” too but if it’s not inside an AUV3 I simply won’t because of the reason I exposed above, too much processing wasted on having a second app on the background, plus midi gets more cumbersome and also doing actual music stuff (especially on iPhone with the limited screen and tedious in-between app switching). This is still a fantastic app, I just hope it will get AUV3 supports and hopefully someday a better looking UI.

Funk Drummer

Funk Drummer

The most groovy drum app for iOS!
The new Funk Drummer is full of rhythms and sounds with the essence of authentic Funk, from classic R&B to fusion. Round robin samples brings organic feel along with the best improvisation tool.
Pure groove.

Funk Drummer is available on the App Store

Random Review by Taytay2825
Favorite new drum aapp
This is def my new go to drum app

Rock Drum Machine

Rock Drum Machine

Turn your iPhone or iPad into a solid Rock Drummer.
Powerful drum sounds, tons of rhythms and the ability to improvise like a heavy drummer and get energetic drumming grooves easily in a flash.
The best drum machine for Rock!

Rock Drum Machine is available on the App Store

Random Review by Seldom review.
Almost plays itself!
Next best thing to a live drummer. AUv3 would make it 5 stars!

SuperMetronome Groovebox

Brazilian Drum Machine

A full brazilian rhythm section with thousands of grooves and sounds with the best round robin samples. Traditional percussion and adapted rhythms for drumset, all the magic of Brazilian percussion at your fingertips.

Brazilian Drum Machine is available on the App Store

Random Review by wind2daside
Missing randomize button
on live pads view.

AfroLatin Drum Machine

Afro Latin Drum Machine

The richness of Caribbean rhythms.
Complete rhythm library with all the afro-cuban,dominican and latin beats. Son, guaguancó, merengue, 6/8 bembé ... with the highest sound quality.

Afro Latin Drum Machine is available on the App Store

Random Review by Bartgdl
My útil

SuperMetronome Groovebox

SuperMetronome Groovebox

The best metronome for iPhone and iPad, is also an intuitive and handy groove box - drum machine with high definition sounds. Supermetronome is the essential tool for any musician. And now with the acclaimed Beat Hider and Progressive Tempo

SuperMetronome Groovebox is available on the App Store

Random Review by Jeffcami
Good but....
This app is good for use as a pocket metronome but since the release of the iPhone 6 plus the rendering of the app on the bigger screen is messed up. Two play buttons, columns misaligned, etc. the developer needs to look at this on an iPhone 6 plus emulator and fix.