Lumbeat is renowned for its innovative development of musical apps tailored for iOS devices, serving a wide array of users including professional musicians, music teachers, students, and hobbyists.

At the heart of our offerings, an impressive suite of 13 apps stands out, featuring notable titles such as Super Metronome, Hip Hop Drummer, iBassist, and Soft Drummer. These apps span across various musical genres, from the pulsating beats of funk and the intricate rhythms of jazz to the culturally rich patterns of Indian Hindustani and the vibrant energy of Afro-Cuban sounds.

Soft Drummer App

Crafted with cutting-edge technology, our apps are equipped with advanced virtual simulations of drummers and percussion ensembles. This technology captures a broad spectrum of musical styles, providing users with the authentic experience of playing alongside a virtual drummer or percussionist. From the flexible swing of Hip Hop J Dilla style to the lively grooves of Reggae Drummer, our applications ensure that every rhythm is at your fingertips.

Reggae Drummer
Reggae Drummer App

The design of our apps emphasizes user engagement and efficiency. Key features such as Live Pads allow for real-time performance, transforming practice sessions into dynamic and interactive experiences. Additionally, Song Mode is ingeniously integrated to facilitate streamlined composition, proving invaluable for those looking to craft songs with precision and ease.

Furthermore, comprehensive audio and MIDI export options are meticulously provided, ensuring that users can seamlessly integrate their creations into broader music production workflows. This functionality not only enhances the creative process but also supports musicians in achieving a polished end product.

Rock Drum Machine App

By merging sophisticated technology with a profound understanding of musical artistry, Lumbeat apps enhance the quality and precision of the musical experience. They offer musicians creative freedom through a plethora of functionalities, each tailored to meet the diverse needs of our users. As a result, anyone passionate about music can elevate their artistic expression, harnessing the full potential of our innovative applications.

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