iBassist’s New AUv3 Support!

The iBassist app, your go-to iPad bass playing companion, has launched an exciting update featuring the much-anticipated AUv3 support. This key upgrade enables seamless integration with your favorite AUv3 host apps, unlocking a new dimension of musical exploration right at your fingertips. The AUv3 support notably enhances the app’s interoperability, making it a more robust and indispensable tool for modern musicians and composers.

At the heart of iBassist is its unique ability to generate degree-based bass lines. This feature allows you to apply any chord progression to any bass line, serving as a valuable tool for infusing diverse bass grooves into your songs. The chord progression editor is designed for quick, intuitive creation or modification of your progressions, using Key Notes, harmony by steps, midi detection, or randomization.

The app continues to offer a variety of 10 Round Robin sampled natural bass sounds, spanning from the crisp Modern Finger Bass to the warm resonance of Double Bass. The Live Pads feature is also refined, offering engaging live sessions with 8 assignable pads for Line-Progression-Jam, effortlessly switchable via MIDI.

The Song Mode remains a standout feature, with the “Make Drums” option automating the drum structure creation for your entire song. The Export Midi function is enhanced for a smoother generation of MIDI Files, whether it’s the Bass Line / Progression – Jam combination or entire song structures.

iBassist’s built-in effects like Compressor, Delay, Chorus, Reverb, along with a Parametric EQ, offer ample scope for sound tweaking to perfect your grooves. Newly introduced features such as the Oscillator (Stand Alone Version), Line Editor, rhythmic Swing 8th and 16th variations, and improved improvisation algorithms further enrich the app’s functionality.

The bass lines in iBassist adapt to the chord progression, offering more than 100 styles. The update makes it easier to add, edit, and move notes and chords, delivering a user-friendly experience. The variety of bass lines are now tagged according to their characteristics, simplifying the search for the desired style.

With the introduction of AUv3 support alongside an array of new and improved features, iBassist stands as a comprehensive and intuitive platform for bass enthusiasts and composers. Delve into a richer musical landscape and let your creativity flourish with the updated iBassist!

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