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    In order to improve our apps, we added a new form to help users to report issues. It will help to identify and solve bugs. Bug Report

  • Afro Latin drum machine gets and amazing update

    Afro Latin Drum Machine, the best authentic afro cuban and latin rhythmic app for ios has a new cool update with fresh features… – Midi Sync – Effects – Variable Swing – Improved Jam algorithm – New Design – Improved InterApp Sync – Lights on Edit Groove Buttons Don’t miss it

  • AfroLatin Drum Machine v2.0 is coming soon with Song Mode, Jamming Tool and more!

    Now it’s the time for Afro-cuban, dominican percussions. The drum machine loved by many fusion and latin musicians becomes even more useful and inspiring with the next amazing update. The song mode brings an easy, quick and fun way to create your song structure. The new jamming tool turns the machine into human and more improvements…