Category: Updates

  • Rock Drum Machine updated with Midi Out

    Rock Drum Machine v5 has been released including new features: – Midi Out – Midi Map allows to send any instrument or hit type to any midi note. – Sound Module to use RDM sounds triggering by MIDI In – Improved UI with Jam controls on the main screen. – Improved Jam, now is a bit…

  • The powerful session drummer is reloaded

    Available today, the new Rock Drum Machine implements fresh features like Live Pads and Ableton Sync, making it an unique and valuable tool for any rock musician. RDM Turns the iPhone or iPad into a solid Rock Drummer with powerful drum sounds and tons of rhythms to get energetic drum grooves easily in a flash.…

  • Random reviews on the web

    We added a function to show random reviews on the main page of the website,, so your app store reviews will have more visibility now. Write!

  • Afro Latin drum machine gets and amazing update

    Afro Latin Drum Machine, the best authentic afro cuban and latin rhythmic app for ios has a new cool update with fresh features… – Midi Sync – Effects – Variable Swing – Improved Jam algorithm – New Design – Improved InterApp Sync – Lights on Edit Groove Buttons Don’t miss it

  • Rock Drum Machine 2.0 is coming soon with Song Mode

    The most important update for Rock Drum Machine will be available in a few days with the desired “Song Mode” and many new improvements. Following the line of the app, “Song mode” is a very easy, quick and funny way to create your songs structure, setting rhythm, bars, jamming level and fill for each part.…

  • Rock Drum Machine learns to improvise and play fills in v1.2

    A new update is now available for Rock Drum Machine!!!  RDM 1.2 comes with a new “Jamming” section with a fresh improvising feature. Also 2 tracks more for toms (or any instrument), automatic breaks, randomizers …. A great update. Now RDM is more human, take a look!