Afro Latin Drum Machine is now ready with live pads and linked

Available today, the new Afro Latin Drum Machine implements new features like Live Pads or Ableton Sync, making it an amazing and flexible percussion tool for musicians or producers.


Afro Latin DM contains an enormous amount of Cuban and Dominican traditional rhythms like Guaguancó, Columbia, Bembé, Cha Cha, Mambo, Merengue, Bachata, Son, etc… Also it’s posible to personalize rhythms combining them with the best quality sound samples or create new latin grooves.

One of the most loved feature by users is the jamming tool. It turns the drum machine into human, or the hard job of humanizing rhythms into an easy toy. Just a slider to set the level of moving out of the rhythm and the app does the rest. No need to worry about programming variations, Afro Latin will improvise like a proper cuban percussionist.

Now, the new Live Pads with Midi Controls allow to play live sessions on the way assigning rhythms and jam intensity to any of the 8 pads and fills buttons.
Combining it with Ableton Link sync is an outstanding tool, it was never been so easy and flexible to have authentic percussions instantly.

Afro Latin Drum Machine is now available in the App Store for iPad and iPhone.


5 thoughts on “Afro Latin Drum Machine is now ready with live pads and linked

  1. Martin Hearne

    I have purchased AfroLatin Drum Machine to use in link with the Soundbrenner Pulse App and experiencing some challenges in getting things to sync up. The Pulse shows that the ALDM is linked and I can control the tempo in ALDM, but the ALDM does not show that it is linked to the Pulse and I cannot control the tempo or start/stop of the Pulse with the ALDM. When I open Link and click the on/off switch in ALDM, it shows “Connected to 0 apps.” The Pulse states “Connected to 1 app.” I would like to control both using ALDM, is this possible and if so, can you assist me with this?
    Thanks for any advice and I should say, this app is terrific. I use with our college’s steel drum bands and it is a great asset to what is called our “Engine Room.”

  2. John

    Hi there, I love you apps and they are great. However there is not a lot of information about saving rhythms for future use, specially when using pads. I play live and would like to have different rhythms and even different tempos in one pad window. This would help immensely in dance sets where changing rhythms quick is a must and where you need variety. If there is already something like I am requesting online, please let me know. Thanks!

  3. Walter

    Can you explain me the meaning of the various colours of the sounding pads in the Edit window (blue-red-white-gray)? For the congas i.e. at what tipe of hit they corresponde? Because there’s no manual nor tutorial.
    Thank you very much,


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