Choose the new design for Brazilian Drum Machine

We’ve been discussing the effects design for Brazilian Drum machine, so let’s exercise democracy. Now you choose the design!

5 thoughts on “Choose the new design for Brazilian Drum Machine

  1. Dave Simmons

    Hi Luis . I thoroughly DIG ! Your Soft Drummer, Latin Drummer and Funk Drummer. I’ve seen the rest – this IS THE BEST. Am going to purchase all 3. I need to know : Can I save my songs ( edited drum tracks as exportable files eg: 16 bit wave files, MP3 files, midi files ) ? I am also interested in your Supergroove App. Is there a video demo of it ? Cheers – love your work ! Dave Simmons / Jazz Musician. My email :

  2. Igor

    Hi, My name is Igor and I am professional UX-UI and graphic designer. I live in Canada.
    if you consider taking your app to the next level in terms of usability, look and better user experience – I will be more than happy to help. I bought all your “drumming” apps and I think the idea is awesome, the sounds are very usable and the possibilities are almost endless… But the apps just do not behave or look professional or any serious type of app.
    I do not want to offend you in any way, and I sincerely want to help, not stupidly criticise.
    Simply almost all design and usability basic standards are not followed in the app and that needs to be fixed.
    I’ve been doing audio mixing for almost a decade and playing drums in our band for several years, now due to many reasons we want to turn our band to drummer-less project and I put greatest hopes onto your app as it offers that unique “human” feel to how it plays.
    I am sure it can compete easily with the other drum-machine apps but it does need some serious overhaul as currently it’s simply unusable for multiple serious or professional projects. I am not speaking of sounds or drumming, but purely from usability perspective.
    Again I am sorry to pour all this critique on you, but I am not an enemy šŸ™‚
    Yes, I am not talking money or anything of that kind – just collaboration and sharing my expertise.
    If you are interested email to
    I am open to any kind of communication, so please let me know.
    Any reply would be greatly appreciated.

    Good luck,

  3. Ulises de la rosa

    Hi my name is Luis and I bought your product I really like it the AfroLatin and rock drum but I was wondering if you could make Mexican norteƱo drums with accordion and bass loops or Cumbia norteƱa or TexMex Or Sinaloa Banda
    Etc ok well thank you I hope you could design something like that it would be very helpful thank you again AfroLatin I love it it’s a great product !!!

  4. Jim

    Brazilian Drum machine no longer functions for me on AUM. It only plays a few notes and then stops. It still doesn’t work if I route it through Audiobus. I have tried re-loading this app and this did not help.

    Please fix —- this is my favorite of all your apps. And I have purchased all of them. None of the others have this problem.

    I apologize for not posting a review. I love all your apps. If you fix this, I will post some good reviews. How do I best do this for all the apps? Is there a way to post an overall review. I think your apps are essential to anyone who enjoys rhythm music. Although there are many alternatives, your apps provide a unique flavor.


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