Funk Drummer gets Live Pads and Ableton Link

Funk Drummer has been updated with new features which make it the dreamed pocket groove drummer. Besides the song mode for the fixed structures, you can make your own live sessions with the live pads and midi controls. And syncs perfect  with the amazing Ableton Link. More possibilities to groove on the go!

– Live Pads
– Ableton Live Sync
– Improved Jam
– Removed fresh graphics
– Tons of little improvements

– Tip: Follow the button in the app to get an extra Sound Set

5 responses to “Funk Drummer gets Live Pads and Ableton Link”

  1. Dave Simmons Avatar
    Dave Simmons

    Can I record with funk drummer

  2. Atlee Coffey Avatar
    Atlee Coffey

    I love the “Funk Drummer ” best app I have found to fill in for the MIA drummer
    I am having trouble with the count in feature, most of the time in doesn’t work

  3. Dirk Wilkening Avatar
    Dirk Wilkening

    Hello, Luis Martinez or LumBeat,
    I have 3 good Drum-App’s of You. Only what I lack very much, is a backup of the data. With pleasure I would transfer this on my second iPad, about iTunes or Directly. Drop box would also be an option.
    Can you make something like that?
    The best greetings
    Dirk Wilkening

  4. Bob Cullen Avatar
    Bob Cullen

    I bought three LumApps hoping to overlay afrolatin over funk drummer and save it for performance. A simple youtube tutorial would be worthy of rave reviews….the sound is great but the linking has not worked for me yet. Did I completely misunderstand the capabilities of these apps?

  5. Daniel Stenning Avatar
    Daniel Stenning

    I’d love to see the simple addition of a simple Bass part generator. Some means of setting the root and chord type – or key – bar by bar – would be awesome – and make it something like BeatBuddy-meets-Digitech Trio

    or even something like iRealB but with great drums. ( IrealB can sound cheesy )

    All i want is BASS. No more. once theres’ a root – ( for us guitarists/keyboardists that is ) one can add the other parts oneself – say in a looper.

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