New Indian Drummer is now available

A pro Tabla player in your pocket, jamming and improvising as a real player.

Even more, Indian Drummer includes many Indian Percussion as Ghatam, Mridangam, Kanjira, Khol, Dhol, Pakhawaj … and Tanpura harmonic drone.


Indian drummer is a really useful tool for both professionals and music students, as it contains a huge library with more than 800 editable rhythms, including classical Hindustani Taals, its modernized adaptations and creative fusion, funk, pop, shuffle grooves.

Indian Drummer is now available in the App Store at $17.99

2 responses to “New Indian Drummer is now available”

  1. Garry Rogers Avatar
    Garry Rogers

    Is AUv3 compliance on the road map for your products as it would be fantastic to be able to use this with apps such as Cubasis etc.?

    Currently, the workflow is not ideal although the output, however cumbersome is fantastic.

    This is a wonderful app as it, but I could be so much better with AUv3.


  2. Eduardo Riter Avatar
    Eduardo Riter

    Indian Drummer is such a potent app! Though I really miss a cleaner Tabla sound, and in D please. Currently I am not satisfied with it for these reasons. I thought that the vídeos online show a much better sound. Maybe olear versions had different sound samples? Please do reply. All your other apps sound amazing though! Thanks! Love from Brazil.

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