Afro Latin Drum Machine also has been upgraded to v.1.12, also supports iOS8 and iPhone 6 Plus!


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  1. J J SANTOS Avatar

    I alrededor downloaded the Apps AfroLatin and the SuperMetrnome. At this point I tried them in an intuitive way to use them, but in order to obtain the best as possible I would like to have a tutorials or similar. Are there available?, how can I get them.
    I play guitarra and I will use these Apps for practicing and to play and sing with my friends.
    Thanks for your annswer.
    JJ Santos

    1. lumbeat Avatar

      Hello, thanks for your interest. At the moment there is no tutorial, the apps are really intuitive to understand. Anyway, we want to make a few short video tutorials. They’ll be available after the next update of Rock Drum Machine.

  2. Susan Avatar


    Is there a manual or a user guide for the AfroLatin DM and the Rock DM that you can send to me? Are the fixes in yet for AB support? Cheers, Susan

    1. lumbeat Avatar

      Hi Susan. Yes, the AB support is now working perfectly with iOS 8. Infact, the new Rock DM 1.2 update is available from a few days ago with new fresh features. I’m afraid we don’t have manual because they are quite intuitive. Anyway, we are thinking about doing some little video tutorials shortly. Stay tuned!

  3. Susan Avatar

    I cannot get the Save or the rename functions to work for iOS 8 Air Original 128 with plenty of room for more space for APPS. How do we record the loops? Can you make an easier way to save our newly made loops and a new way to find them altogether once we have what we want just the way we want it in an any easier way? I am having a hard time finding what I saved. Please work on these issues. Also a manual would be very nice at least explaining what all the sounds are included in the app. I have no idea what is all contained in the APP. Some breakdown chart of percussion categories would be nice. It just seems if the APP could be organized in some easier way to find things instead of endlessly aimlessly scrolling around with no rhyme or reasoning to it in a hit or miss type fashion.These improvements would help and if done then I Would invest in the Rock DM APP but right now for the price I would prefer a better organizational system on offer first. I like know exactly what content I have and where I can easily find it in a glance. Thanks!!!

  4. Igor Avatar

    Hi there,

    I’ve purchased Latinafro and Brazilian DM and I’d like to know if There’s a way to control start and stop functions with a some kind of foot controller.



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