Brazilian Drum Machine updated

Brazilian Drum Machine has been updated with the following improvements:

– 4 Effects (Compressor/Gate, Equalizer, Delay, Reverb)
– Variable Swing
– Improved song position synchronization for Inter-App Audio
– Midi Sync by The Spectacular Sync Engine
– Some Midi Controls Added
– Some minor improvements
– Little bugs solved

Simulator Screen Shot 11 feb 2016 1.06.38

3 responses to “Brazilian Drum Machine updated”

  1. Duane Avatar

    Please add the new midi cc changes to both rock and funk. Please please please

    Thanks for the awesome drum jamming


  2. Roger Beau Avatar
    Roger Beau

    Would like to be able to back up my drum patterns and song tracks to iCloud or Drop Box. Also the abality to move created drum pattern and songs between Apple devices. Another nice option would be able to over write a existing my created drum pattern with changes instead of assigning a new name and having to change drum pattern in created songs.

  3. hirayama nobu Avatar

    mangueira にならない。

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