Future Drummer 1.20 brings Flex Swing

Future Drummer App

Future Drummer receives a significant update with v1.20. This iteration focuses on enhanced sonic control and workflow improvements, empowering producers and musicians to sculpt their rhythmic visions with even greater precision.

Fine-Tuning the Groove

  • Flex Swing: Go beyond traditional swing settings with the new Flex Swing feature. Introduce subtle variations in timing for a more humanized feel, individual swing for components, negative swing or push the boundaries of rhythmic complexity.
  • High-Pass & Low-Pass Filters: Shape the tonal landscape of your beats with dedicated high-pass and low-pass filters. Dial in tight, focused grooves or add atmospheric depth and texture.

Enhanced Workflow and Sonic Exploration

  • Groove Editor Transparency: Visualize the impact of swing on your groove patterns within the Groove Editor. This intuitive feedback loop streamlines the process of crafting intricate rhythms.
  • Randomizer Integration: Spark creative inspiration with the addition of sound buttons directly within the Groove Editor. Trigger random sound variations for unexpected sonic possibilities and push your creative exploration further.
  • iBassist & Hip Hop Drummer Compatibility: Seamlessly send your grooves to the companion apps iBassist and Hip Hop Drummer. This cross-app functionality unlocks new avenues for collaborative music production and genre-bending experimentation.

Beyond the Update

Future Drummer v1.20 builds upon a robust foundation of features, including:

  • Multi-Track & Full Mix Export: Export your creations in seconds, ready for further manipulation or integration into your DAW.
  • Live Mode: Immerse yourself in the groove with real-time effects, hits, reverses, slices, and groove controls.
  • Song Mode: Craft rhythmic structures for your songs quickly and efficiently.
  • Extensive Sound Library: Over 100 multilayer sounds and 300+ editable grooves offer endless sonic possibilities.

Future Drummer v1.20 represents a significant step forward for electronic and experimental music production on iOS. Its focus on precision control, workflow enhancements, and sonic exploration empowers creators to push the boundaries of rhythm and forge their own unique sonic identities.

Ready to dive deeper into the world of rhythmic exploration?