Jazz Drummer updated

Jazz Drummer-app
Jazz Dummer App

Sends grooves to iBassist and other drummers

Jazz Drummer has always been a favorite for iOS users seeking authentic jazz drumming experiences. With its intuitive interface and realistic sound, it’s like having a trio of legendary drummers—Jo, Max, and Roy—at your fingertips. Whether you’re into Swing, Be Bop, or Modern Bop, Jazz Drummer delivers an unparalleled improvisational flair.

What’s New in Jazz Drummer?

  • Groove Sharing: A standout feature in the latest update is the ability to send grooves to other drummers and iBassist. This opens up new possibilities for seamless integration and creative collaboration.
  • Groove Editor: The new Groove Editor showcases Swing and Sound Buttons, making it easier to craft and adjust your rhythms.
  • Refined Controls: Experience our improved 2D Slider for intuitive control over jam level and intensity, enhancing your ability to shape the music.
  • Enhancements and Fixes: Beyond new features, we’ve implemented numerous little improvements and bug fixes, ensuring a smoother, more stable experience.