Afro Latin Drum Machine, the best authentic afro cuban and latin rhythmic app for ios has a new cool update with fresh features…

– Midi Sync
– Effects
– Variable Swing
– Improved Jam algorithm
– New Design
– Improved InterApp Sync
– Lights on Edit Groove Buttons

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Afro Latin on iPad

Brazilian Drum Machine updated

Brazilian Drum Machine has been updated with the following improvements:

– 4 Effects (Compressor/Gate, Equalizer, Delay, Reverb)
– Variable Swing
– Improved song position synchronization for Inter-App Audio
– Midi Sync by The Spectacular Sync Engine
– Some Midi Controls Added
– Some minor improvements
– Little bugs solved

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Funk Drummer available, new groovy app for iOS

We have been working hard to develop this new creature. Funk drummer brings new possibilities and lot of creativity to a new level.

Starting with the sound, because implements tons of amazing samples with Round Robin. Three layers of round robin samples provide the most natural sound never seen in iOS before. With the new effects you can adjust the sound to your personal taste. Reverb, EQ, Delay and Compressor/Gate.
The best jam tool improvise like a human drummer, enhanced and adapted to funk drumming. And you can mix-up with other applications with Audiobus, Inter-App or the new Midi Sync by The Spectacular Sync Engine.
Pure Funk groove.

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Brazilian Drum Machine is available on the App Store

Brazilian Drum Machine is the new brazilian rhythm section for iPad and iPhone. Easy, fast and flexible because you can use the preprogrammed rhythms or create your own grooves. Combine rhythms with the fast and intuitive Song Mode.


• Complete rhythm library with all the amazing brazilian grooves. Samba, Partido Alto, Baião, Bossa Nova, Marcha, Choro, Carimbó, Maracatú, Coco, Xote, Maxixe, Makulele, Calango, AfroSamba, Coco, Frevo, Ijexá, Calango, Capoeira … and many more!

• More than 60 brazilian percussion sounds with Round Robin alternating samples with 4 layers. Extremely realistic sounds, including Pandeiros, Caixixis, Surdos, Cabasas, Tamborims, Ganzá, Shaker, Chocalho, Caixas (Snares), Agogos, Atabaques (Congas), Drum sets, … and many more!

• Jamming Mode to set the improvisation level. The acclaimed improvisational ability has been adapted to Brazilian percussion. No one may guess that is a machine!

• Set drum fills every x bars, with brazilian triplet feel that makes the groove to sound incredibly human.

• Song Mode allows to make full structures in seconds. Just adding parts choosing rhythms, number of bars, jamming level and fills. Easy, fast and fun.

• Create your own rhythms in two modes: Step Sequencer and Patterns wheels.

• Ranzomizers tools for sounds and patterns to boost the creativity.

• Grooves divided into banks to facilitate searching: Samba – Bossa Nova – Forró – Afro – Marcha – Folclore – Bateria (Drumset) – User – Favourites

• Bateria (Drumset) bank with the traditional brazilian rhythms adapted to a drum set.

• AudioBus and inter-app support to stream live audio directly to other apps.

• Universal app: works on iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Martin Neuhold releases a new Album with Rock Drum Machine

The new progressive rock instrumental album from Martin Neuhold has been released, with with the collaboration of Guy Beeri Mauseth and Colin Powell. Neuhold uses Rock Drum Machine as main source of drums in this album. Take a look at


Afro Latin Drum Machine 2 is now available.

The best drum machine for latin percussions is now upgraded to v2.0 with the next improvements:

– Song Mode to create your song structure easily and quick.
– Jamming tool with the ability to improvise like human percussionists
– Randomizers for sounds and patterns to experiment and get new creative ideas.

These and more little things make Afro Latin Drum Machine an amazing music tool with this update. Take a look!

iOS Simulator Screen Shot 16.02.2015 17.42.11iOS Simulator Screen Shot 16.02.2015 17.48.03iOS Simulator Screen Shot 16.02.2015 17.48.32

AfroLatin Drum Machine v2.0 is coming soon with Song Mode, Jamming Tool and more!

Now it’s the time for Afro-cuban, dominican percussions. The drum machine loved by many fusion and latin musicians becomes even more useful and inspiring with the next amazing update.

The song mode brings an easy, quick and fun way to create your song structure. The new jamming tool turns the machine into human and more improvements takes AfroLatin Drum Machine into a new level.

The update will be available very soon, stay tuned!

iOS Simulator Screen Shot 16.02.2015 17.48.32iOS Simulator Screen Shot 16.02.2015 17.42.11 iOS Simulator Screen Shot 16.02.2015 17.47.17 iOS Simulator Screen Shot 16.02.2015 17.48.03