AfroLatin Drum Machine v2.0 is coming soon with Song Mode, Jamming Tool and more!

Now it’s the time for Afro-cuban, dominican percussions. The drum machine loved by many fusion and latin musicians becomes even more useful and inspiring with the next amazing update.

The song mode brings an easy, quick and fun way to create your song structure. The new jamming tool turns the machine into human and more improvements takes AfroLatin Drum Machine into a new level.

The update will be available very soon, stay tuned!

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Rock Drum Machine 2 has been released

Finally, Rock Drum Machine 2 has been released. These are the most relevant additions:

– Song Mode
– New Sounds
– New Rhythms
– Improved Stability
Although RDM has a really easy and intuitive user interface, some users asked for a manual. We’ve prepared a website with a User Guide. Take a look:

Available on iTunes :

Rock Drum Machine 2.0 is coming soon with Song Mode

The most important update for Rock Drum Machine will be available in a few days with the desired “Song Mode” and many new improvements.

Following the line of the app, “Song mode” is a very easy, quick and funny way to create your songs structure, setting rhythm, bars, jamming level and fill for each part.

But it isn’t the only major improvement for this version. We’ve been working conscientiously to improve the stability of the application, modifying code and database. New sounds, new soundsets, “Shuffle” bank and rhythms have been added.

It will not take long until it is available for download from the app store, so stay tuned!

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iOS8 support updates for Rock Drum Machine, AfroLatin Drum Machine and SuperMetronome are ready

Due to some changes in Core Audio framework library of iOS 8 makes LumBeat drum machines not to work properly on this ios version. We ‘ve been working on it and all the apps are now ready for working with iOS8. You have to wait for Apple to approval to get the updates. It’s taking Apple more time than usual cause lot of apps are having similar issues with ios8. The updates will be available soon.